pox 1

WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH!!!??? Of course everyone else who’s had it just thinks you’re a wailing baby. But still…WHY DOES IT HURT SO MUCH? AND WHY IS IT SO HOT? So..this is how it worked…about 10 days and counting. I have vowed to:

1. Expose my child(ren?) when they are young.

2. Expose my child when she/he? is young.

3. Expose whatever it is when it’s young.

Honestly, something deep down tells me 5 year old me could have handled this a lot better. And the stares! Oh the stares! But it could just all be in my head. Maybe no one really cares about my leopard looking self but me. Thank goodness for my non existent Instagram account. I mean, what would I do about all my fans? Yes, I do assume someone other than myself will want to see my face or at least look into my reaaally exciting life.

Alas! This week..and some has not entirely gone to waste. I have watched and re watched tonnes of movies and picked up a few things:

1. Excessive drinking is depressing. Just watch Smashed. It’s an amazing and sad movie. It’s a very simple concept. But seriously, If you drink so much you wake up in strange places? GET HELP!!

2. Greek Gods are quite shiny. I never wanted to watch the latest ‘Clash of the Titans’ but I had loads of time. Boy was Zeus shiny…and so were the others. And poor Medusa, I thought that was exceptionally sad. But hang on, I thought this whole women are spiteful thing is very unbecoming in female Greek gods. Must brush up on my mythology.

3. Judd Apatow is a really funny guy. Like, really funny.

I think it’s unfair to list all the movies I watched but it was a great time to do it. Sympathy parties were out of the question since I did not even want to look at my own reflection. This is becoming a post of self pity..stop. Isn’t it funny? Somewhere in the world someone is sleeping on the street having had no dinner and here I am writing an entire post because of chicken pox. I did say this is my ranting space right? Still, much easier to escalate our problems than be thankful. Thankful that I actually feel better and did not have to be hospitalized. Thankful that the pox actually went easy on my face. I’m thankful to be alive. End post…BOOM (structure..whatever…this can be the exception).

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