There has never been a day to motivate me to post something like today. In fact, WordPress please send me shiny anniversary trophies every two days then I might join all those daily post challenge people. Or maybe just ‘every two days’ post challenge. Or just higher frequency. Slightly off track here. Aaaaanyway, I wrote this ages ago and hope it will encourage you. If not you then someone you know. Thank you!


If you like scary movies like myself, fear may be a very foreign concept. That is because it usually transforms into a strange feeling of excitement. I watch ‘The Walking Dead’ having breakfast and go ‘whoa! He just got sliced in half! Awesome.’ But in the real world, fear is an emotion I would much rather be ignorant about. It’s a lot easier to say ‘if at first you don’t succeed, try again.’ Truth is you’d rather try something else. What you feel after falling flat on your face is a numbness I cannot easily explain. But I assume if you do ‘try again’ and succeed, the feeling that triumph will give you would be something spectacular. But then, too many people are too overwhelmed by fear to get back on that road.

Yes, fear is like wild mushrooms. They just pop up everywhere unannounced and they don’t go until you uproot them. And if you let it consume you, it can easily transform into sadness. And the most extreme case? Depression.  Just like the little bird whose first attempt to fly left them with phobia. What’s a bird if it can’t fly? There’s a cartoon I can’t remember right now…or is it the parrot in 102 Dalmatians (yes, a talking parrot since the whole talking dogs thing was exhausted).What’s a comedian if they’re not funny? You then attach it to your purpose. So then your life seems to lack purpose or drive or both. You could always blame the world for your fears, revert to substance abuse or complain. But, at the end of the day, you still have your problem. Your fear, your problem. I don’t even know if you can class that as trauma. But the only way to face fear is bravery. Because until you break your own barrier, that fear really never goes away. In a society where we are supposed to keep up appearances it becomes a lot easier to cry behind closed doors.

So remember all the things you’re good at (we’re all good at something..it’s how the world works) and pick yourself up. Even though positive energy sounds funny, it might be the one thing to get you back to what you classify as your ‘normal self.’ Or you can reply the way Simba did to Yazoo, ‘Danger? I laugh in the face of danger. HAHAHAHAAAA!’ Except just you know, replace that with fear. I wouldn’t want to be the one encouraging people out there putting themselves in dangerous situations (apparently that’s sometimes called extreme sports).

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