Now I know what you’re thinking.  If there is anything social networks have done is increase the ways we can communicate with each other. I can let my friends and anyone else who sort of knows my friends (but doesn’t know me but we can kind of be virtual friends cos that’s kinda cool) know where I am and what I’m doing every single minute of the day. It’s easy really, I can check myself in for that breakfast at Tribeca (but I’m really at KFC but since it’s not that glamorous, Tribeca will do) and then Instagram myself happy and full just after breakfast. Hashtag breakfast awesomeness, hashtag happy mornings hashtag ‘casual Fridays’. Though there is nothing really casual about that now is there? I don’t see someone calling their friend and going ‘Oh hi! I just woke up’ 10 minutes later ‘Yeah I just got to Tribeca and I’m about to take breakfast’ 20 minutes later ‘I just sent you a picture of myself after breakfast’…It’s all a little mad now isn’t it? Well, unless it’s a BT advert. They stay on the line for ageeees! Clearly I’m with the wrong company.


Okay so after doing all that I can easily tweet everyone all through the day. See, it’s a little like talking to myself but in very short sentences. And that again, is being social because all those ‘following’ me can know what I’m doing. And even more so, I can finally know what Ryan Gosling does with himself everyday except look good. So after a long day at work or rather hashtag Library I then go home and update my Facebook status about the kind of day I had (just in case they missed all the other updates). So you see, even without meeting me you already know a lot about me. I think guys should do all that monitoring instead of spending time on I mean, think about it. They will know where I like to go, what I like to do and what I like to eat. This is because I will have taken pictures of all these things and put them on Instagram. So, now here is where it gets interesting. If I meet a guy today and he says something like ‘So, are the pancakes in Tribeca really that good?’ I would probably think it’s pretty creepy. Seriously, who does that? But then we’re so comfortable involving the rest of the world with everything we are doing and fail to see how that actually allows someone to feel like they actually know you. To be honest I sometimes feel the same way about Denzel Washington but that’s totally different.  Also, actual communication gets weird. I mean even I would be like ‘what was Rihanna thinking? Hashtag prada boots’..okay, I’m really not sure if they were Prada but they were something fancy. What am I getting at? It has become so much easier to communicate via social networks or rather share our world with the rest of the world that human contact has become awkward. Well, unless you’re on a social dating site then you sort of have to. Unless you know, internet boyfriends are still a thing .I am not sure how my mother would feel about that but my Dad would be pretty happy. Until he finds out we can virtually ‘touch’ each other. Haha, honestly I keep thinking it only gets weirder and weirder. Plus I have poked people on facebook a couple of times so I’m guessing I’m probably the last person to be pointing fingers here.

After all that randomness  *cough* my conclusion…I’m not sure if this post even deserves a conclusion. One thing though, it makes dating so much simpler. Who needs a blind date when you can just gain access their Instagram account? And if it’s a dinner date, you can check what colour shirt he’s wearing so that you can wear a dress that matches…cutesies!!! He probably won’t call you back but that’s what you get for following my advice #muhahahahahahaha!!

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