For party-ville my walk to the library is masked by remarkable silence. And of course, the odd costume or two..three. Pokemon..check, smurf (again?) check..doctor..check. I look up and it’s a full moon. All the werewolves definitely turning tonight. Then the odd imagination just starts going haywire. You know the feeling. Any sudden movement and there you go looking over your shoulder. This feels like the beginning of a very bad horror film. Silly little girl going to the library on Halloween.  Another sad-o like myself (not in costume and not going to a party) opens the door for me. While in the elevator we exchanged pity stories about why we were there. He said something about an exam or saving up for a really good costume the following year. I didn’t get the connection between the two but that was his story. I get off on my floor..and it was dead silent. The lucky ones were even leaving at that hour while I braced myself to burn the night oil. I got the whole show..lights were flicking on and off..silent footsteps. And my imagination started conjuring an image of a very angry student with a chainsaw. So before I could let my heart start racing and notice I could have possibly been all alone on that floor, I found a random playlist and voila! Even if Mr. Chainsaw came and left I would have had no idea. I have been out on Halloween before but I doubt I was ever spooked as much as the first hour in that library. Silver lining..I got a lot of work done..and most of my walk home was probably on auto-pilot mode to care about werewolves etc etc. I’m back in there today. Less spooky because the university decided to have exams on now..SWEET! Next year I am going to ambush a party. I did not like being spooked even though that’s sort of the point. Either way, watch out for the wacko with the chainsaw.

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