Last week (oh me and not publishing posts when they are still relevant) my country Tanzania went through a scare. This was a result from many a things that have been happening over the past few weeks. I afterwards asked myself how with the access to media, can people resolve to such horrendous acts after seeing what it has done to other countries in the world. I have come up with a few thoughts.


My mother always said an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. Though those are not her words I can see the connection. You have one person with their extreme political views who would collect a mass of idle people and fill their heads with dubious propaganda. While it is okay to let them have a platform and all have a quiet helpless giggle after, I saw a few ‘pangas‘ and some singing that made me worry. How logical is it for people to cause chaos and expect to get a non-chaotic response? Are people not likely to be on your side if you try to do things a little more peacefully? Chaos sometimes justifies the use of force and then whatever cause you had is silenced.  So, If there was an important message, it probably got lost after someone I don’t know, torched a church or resorted to looting. Yes, people stealing things absolutely makes them look organised. Is there such a thing as organised chaos? I kept thinking, don’t these people have work to do? Because if they did then they surely wouldn’t be out vandalizing and stealing property to get their point across. But hey, what do I know, maybe looting does get the point across, like the London riots. Or maybe not. Last thing I remember was a young boy getting jail time for nicking a bin from Debenhams, go figure. Or you know, protesters in Syria that grope reporters while getting their point across. Perhaps in the midst of people who want to peacefully protest, a couple of weirdos get in the mix and use it as an opportunity to go absolutely mental. I would hate to think they are all deluded and thieves and gropers and every other horrible word I can think of. There has to be some hope for peaceful protesting.


So now people have resorted to blaming religious groups for the chaos. While it might be true that they are perhaps of the same religion, it’s a bit unfair to just put them all in one lovely group. The ‘them’ and ‘us’ logic just creates unnecessary fear and hatred. I think we are all past that by now. America is the extreme case where certain people fear a certain group of people for no reason whatsoever. My friend said the series 24 is to be blamed for the obvious profiling and so many other shows. Homeland wins it for me because the so called ‘terrorists’ are nationals. But that’s beside the point. Regardless of who is protesting, the law is there to prosecute crime. Who cares if they’re Muslim? Besides, no religion promotes the use of violence anyway so labelling them Muslim is another debate altogether. So is the problem that people see it as a crime related to a religion? Or is the problem the crime itself? Which bears greater harm? That people do not hesitate to connect the dots in that way or that we have many young and idle impressionable group of people waiting for the next person to give them an excuse to create chaos? At least the latter can later be taken care of. But if people secretly want to create ‘religious war’ then we have a much greater problem on our hands.

I recently read a very good article and someone suggested that children need to be educated. Because if they are educated then they would not fall victim to people who want to poison their minds. Should the burden be on the government? I say yes. Put it right in the curriculum. At least that way we deal with a much bigger problem, IGNORANCE. The fear of the unknown creates very interesting excuses for people. That by far seems a far better solution rather than to focus on religion, we all know how that debate ends. It really doesn’t.


I may have possibly left out other reasons for all that activity but so far? One, keep the empty vessels in check by encouraging healthy debate on what goes on. If it’s one thing we are good at is ‘debating’ issues. If we keep that up we might come up with a healthy resolve. Because let’s face it, we don’t do chaos, we ride on being very ‘peaceful’ people. Shame if the whole world thinks otherwise. But stay tuned.

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  1. Omg! I like your blog. Lots of thought provocative thinking in here. Keep it coming.

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