On the eve of the U.S elections my mind is swimming with a lot of memories. Many years ago on a night like this one I was probably asleep or watching a movie. Literally anything but endlessly checking updates for the U.S elections. The world was going crazy, well, Africa was kind of going crazy. To be more specific, East Africa was kind of going crazy. So, the night passed and the next day was what I would describe as interesting, in a chaotic kind of way. I don’t know about you but I never bought into the whole Obama was going to change things EVERYWHERE. And, you know, because he is originally Kenyan he would care more about Africa because you know, CHANGE was coming. So on my way to a lecture some people asked me if I was celebrating Obama’s victory. I said ‘no’ and this was the aftermath:

I was accused of being a traitor. Because an African-American became President I was supposed to take a day off and drink and be merry with my brethren.

I was accused of being brainwashed by ‘the other side’. This is frankly the best way I can put the very rude wording. That I was so blinded I could not see the truth, that things now were different.

So after wondering why a Tanzanian like myself should care about an American President, I decided to wait and see that light at the end of the tunnel. Change indeed came to the African continent. Pubs made tons of money because we were celebrating history, that was new. Sales of Obama T-shirts, rice and khangas went through the roof. Oh the profit made from that definitely impacted the economy; that was new. The East African economy drastically changed when Obama went into office..no..not really; that was new. ‘My’ life drastically changed; that was new. In fact, too many new things happened I wanted to know this big Obama factor.

Could it be that he was too busy to CHANGE the whole world in the short time he was in office? Or could it be that people forgot that he wasn’t president of the Earth but America? I liked the whole global victory thing. And of course I was happy for the guy, I mean, some people can say ‘anything’ was  better than Bush but he’s actually okay. I don’t want to be hard on him, maybe this might be his chance to prove me wrong. If he comes over to bring us CHANGE, we will be there in our Obama T-shirts and khangas and later we will all dine together and have some yummy Obama rice.

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