So after watching the American presidential debates there are certain things highlighted that women would not want to do. This is because if they did those things then they would still be in the dark ages. Being a woman myself I thought I would relate but I kind of had to side with Romney on this one. No, I am neither American nor from Ohio (though the former would certainly cancel out the latter…eh.. Jon Stewart was a lot funnier about it) but I see this as a global issue. I will name my points after the words ‘Is Romney Crazy…’ (I’d normally say yes but he did manage to semi impress me). I will keep the answers very subjective because people get in trouble for answering for an entire population.

Is Romney crazy to think some women would certainly want to start a family? 

Let’s see, this is a tricky one. Of course I have no crystal ball and hence cannot tell you when exactly I will want to have children or if I want to have children at all. But, and maybe hopefully some would agree with me, that it’s perfectly natural to assume that somewhere down the line a woman will want to have a family of her own. Now if an employer sees the role to be very demanding and foresee their having problems with employing me for instance in the future, should they just give it to the next guy? YES! My next point will further demonstrate why this job might later not be as important as the children.

Is Romney crazy to think women would put children before work?                 

Well, I do not have children but I would think maternal instincts sometimes take over. I would want to get home to my children as opposed to staying for six extra hours at work. Maybe one of them learnt something new at school that they want to show me, or have homework they need help with. Or you know what? I haven’t seen them all day and  I want to go home to see them before they go beddy-byes. My bedtime was 8.30pm (just after the news) and if my mother stayed at work late then we would have missed her very very very much. And also, at least with her she wouldn’t give me extra maths questions to do on top of my homework.

Is Romney crazy to think some women would want to go home and cook for their families?

This a sensitive topic these days. Men cooking too and what not. A burger and fries would have been the most awesome of dinners as a young lass but I was made to eat the healthy stuff. So, if I personally would not like a microwave dinner why then would I feed it to my kids? Unless of course I want a career. Ah well, such things will sort themselves out. But wait, can’t I have a career and get home in time to feed my tots..oh yeah! That flexi-time thing that’s moving women backwards…oh dear, we can’t win can we?

How can you want the best for a younger generation if the very same people to raise them pretend or insist it is sexist to expect them to raise their own children? Is it just me or that makes absolutely no sense whatsoever? Women with children make sacrifices everyday, because that is what mothers do (most of them anyway). Unless you’re expecting television to raise your children, I would be more focused on companies allowing for flexibility. So I think people should just calm down. The future of women is not bleak and we are not doomed to stay in the ‘dark ages’. It is what it is, when it comes to children, women just do a better job. I am not saying there are men out there who do not do a good job, so please don’t bite.

And in saying that, there is nothing wrong with the men toiling for the six figure salaries (and more?). By all means, if you were to write that cheque you wouldn’t want to be the guy firing the woman who just wants to take care of her children. Instead, just get the right people for the job. There’s something for all of us out there so let’s not get greedy. Oh yeah, Romney is not crazy, in the three cases mentioned before. I cannot speak for all the other stuff he’s said.

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