When I initially started this blog I wanted to post material that would change people’s opinions of Africa. From the Africa they broadcast to you as being shady, dirt poor to a dynamically changing continent with promising intellectuals. I wanted to shift the mentality of the Oxfam ads (though yes, there are people who are poverty-stricken and dying from hunger..feel free to donate) to bubbly, happy and healthy little tots. So, every other Monday I will post something that will hopefully change the perspectives you have on the African continent. Either that or deliver stories that were told when I was growing up. I will be focusing more on Tanzania and work my way through to other countries. I welcome your views as well as suggestions. I will still rant (can’t help it) and I really don’t know whether or not these posts will be very effective. However, if I can change a few mentalities, some change is better than no change. As we say, ‘Pole Pole ndiyo mwendo’…we’ll slowly get there. And maybe I’ll feel better by correcting many dubious documentaries and articles. I say correcting but it’s more ‘the other side of the story’ kinda thing. So yeah, stay tuned!!

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  1. saradraws says:

    I have an 8 year old step son. Every time I remind him that not everyone has the privileges he does

  2. saradraws says:

    he says “like in Africa?”. When I explain things like stereotypes and how even people here in Canada go without, his eyes glaze over a bit. I think it’s a great project to take on, breaking down those stereotypes. So called “developed world” attitudes could use some shaking up. (Sorry for the split reply. I accidentally hit the “post comment” button)

  3. foreigninput says:

    hey! well he has loads of time to learn..though I have a lot of stuff that is work in progress and should hit the ‘publish’ button soon, I hope to be of some help. Thanks for the words of encouragement! (don’t worry about the split reply 🙂 )

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