So before I watched Usain Bolt do his thing, BBC decided to award me a history lesson. It was nothing like what I was taught long long ago in history class. It had loads of pictures, music, Martin Luther King and Adolf Hitler. As I gazed at the screen desperately trying to piece things together my eyes just got wider and wider. So here is how I kind of managed to solve the mystery behind the carefully planned history lesson.

Darwin put forth the fabulous ‘survival of the fittest’ theory. In the sense that the fittest survive any environment to become the dominant species, people of African descent (I’ll just refer to them as ‘African people’) can run really really fast in the Olympics. From sitting at the back of the bus to running in the Olympics. From Martin Luther King having a dream to slow motion footage of Usain Bolt and other African runners..running in the Olympics. Then Adolf Hitler comes in and they talk about genocide and how that was considered survival of the fittest. And from that, running in the Olympics. So as you can see, after everything they managed to do to the black man..the black man has prevailed by running in the Olympics! It all makes sense now, we have won! Because we can run!

Now on to the serious stuff. If only we could outrun poverty. I mean, we managed to outrun slavery, genocide and segregation (technically speaking of course). Poverty should be a breeze. In fact, I think we should turn all our politicians into sprinters, the faster the better. Maybe I saw it all wrong but whoever put that history piece together was a genius. No, not really. I honestly want to say moron but for the record I will stick to genius. How dare you! My country has no fast runners though I don’t mind being Jamaican for a day or so. What if we..could dance our way out of poverty instead? Because we all know who will win the poverty race. Because everything is a race isn’t it now? I managed to find the lesson and welcome your thoughts on it:

It is comforting though, that despite all the horrible things that have happened throughout history, we make a killing in the Olympics. And as much as I really didn’t like being portrayed as gorillas who were let back into the wild from the zoo, with comments like, ‘look at him, that Maasai warrior is just fierce!’ I almost felt like I was watching the discovery channel. But hey, I quite like the fact that running conquers all. Thank you BBC, can’t wait for the next history lesson.

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