If anyone has many friends from elsewhere (country whose native language is not English) you would be familiar with being ‘plus one’. You know what I’m talking about. You know the environment, everyone is speaking a language you do not understand, the music is exceptionally bizarre and well, you have the ones that wouldn’t acknowledge your existence because you are not ‘one of them’. I call it bizarre when you have the one person really into it and everyone else sort of..well..blank.

I have to say if you don’t try either then it really doesn’t matter. What am I doing here? This is part of the whole ‘trying something new’ crap…I mean thing. It’s like you’re on holiday but you’re not. You secretly hope when you are on holiday the music is really not And then there are the socializing potions, alcohol and cigarettes. I have nights that I feel like having just one drink and leave it at that. I don’t smoke so I miss out on all the socializing that goes on there. And what’s with that anyway? Can’t the music just be loud enough so that I really don’t have to talk to the stranger across the room? Not going to do it, he can stare at me all he wants but I am ‘not’ going over there. I mean, he saw me too so fair game right? Haha..definitely a fuddy-duddy alert. Eh, I really don’t care.

Even as I make this entry so sleepy I could make sleeping beauty make a run for her money, I have to endure this charade for a little while longer. Perhaps I will buy a game boy, put me out of my misery. I could fancy a bit of Super Mario right now, and maybe some tetris. I’d give anything for my bed right now. Hot and really cramped club; hot, really cramped and ridiculously loud pub; hot, really cramped and ridiculously loud the next best thing. Well, almost anything. As these are not available options I guess I will just have to endure the pains of +1-ing.

So, why exactly would you want to +1? Well, you meet new people, listen to bizarre music and most importantly, learn to show up three hours late. I’m pretty sure I would have had enough juice to keep me going. Absolutely! Oh my goodness now it’s that Carly woman song..this pain is not meant to end..ha! It’s funny where blog entry inspiration comes from huh? And no, I’m not antisocial, just really tired..honest. And I may have that Carly woman song on my iPod, need to get rid of it pronto. The picture is somehow random because I thought I would have preferred the randomness of a Paddy’s Pub party..Hey-oooo!

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    Great Post! Because I enjoyed it so much…

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