I was having a conversation with my friends about the worst questions we have ever been asked. Thing about me is, I don’t take offence but just go with it. Why? I find it funny. Funny that someone actually believes the wonderful answers I am giving them and asks even more ridiculous questions. I thought we all lived in some sort of global village. Turns out some people live in a bubble.

Funny guy: Hey! Are you like from Africa?
Me: Yeah
Funny guy: But your english is so good!
Me: There’s a special group of people there that speak english. It’s a thing.
Funny guy: Oh okay, I get that. So…you speak African then or?
Me: Yeah, anyone living in the big country called africa speaks african.

Funny girl: How did you learn how to use a laptop?
Me: Probably same way you did, I slowly whisper to it and tell it to do stuff. That and YouTube of course.

Funny girl: So do you like, have proper houses?
Me: Not really, we live in huts, it’s really nice. You wake up in the morning and see Zebras in your yard.
Funny girl: No way!
Me: Yeah, you should totally visit sometime.

Funny guy: You said you were from Tanzania right?
Me: Yeah
Funny guy: That’s where that devil is from?
Me: The Tasmanian devil is a very familiar species in Tanzania.

Funny guy: Do you have internet at home?
Friend 1: We all write letters to each other.

Funny girl: Do you have animals everywhere?
Me: Err…not really..I just have the Zebras.

Funny guy: Do you use camels and donkeys to travel?
Friend 2: East Africa is where the desert is, camels fit right in. And donkeys are for kids only.

For the record I thought it was better to say ‘funny’ rather than ‘stupid’. They probably all weren’t stupid, just a little ignorant. That’s not the same thing. My friends by the way had much nicer answers so I may have tweaked them just a bit. So comes my little pin…POP! I could go on and on about the other wonderful things people have asked but this will end up not being a random post but very calculated and planned. I don’t think I can do that, not today. So if you meet a bubble girl or boy, feel free to burst their bubble. Do it gently though because I like it when funny people ask me questions. It shows they want to learn, or at least I hope so.

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  1. good2begone says:

    Unbelieveable questions…seems as though you handled it in stride though.

  2. foreigninput says:

    Oh I usually try my absolute best..besides, they’d do the same for me (I think).

  3. Scribbler says:

    Hilarious! I definitely remember that Mean Girls moment. In school, I had a teacher make us write a short story on a ignorant assumption about Africa. There were some interesting stories to be sure. Great that you made a joke of it.

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