The United Republic of Tanzania is a democracy. And like any other democracy we elect certain people to act on our behalf in effecting change in the country. More information can be found here, but in a nutshell, it doesn’t look good.  So this is how they choose to do it in response to what is going on with doctors right now. I had this in my drafts folder so it being a little dated, change that to ‘in response to what was happening with doctors a while ago’.

1. Pay them peanuts. They are different from you and I. They are not motivated by money (I expect the government expects them to run on air).

2. Tell them If they don’t get back to work under very poor conditions, as a president you really don’t give two cents. Why? Oh because not only do you pay them peanuts but you can fly in and pay other doctors much more money for doing the same job.

3. Pretend they are all whiny babies and expect them to just get on with it. Besides, some government heads make more money for doing a lot of work in the parliament. I say work but its more like, reflection? They actually look like they’re taking a nap so I will assume nap time is reflection time. Don’t you think he is reflecting? Sure looks nice and peaceful so yup, reflecting. Solving some big problem or what not.

4. Replying to their outcry by saying things like ‘Que sera sera!’ (Poetic with a dash of cruelty..or maybe it was spur of the moment. Still, very bizarre).

Lucky for many of us, many doctors still work under all these difficult conditions. It is a very difficult spot to put a person. You tell them they are bound by a code to work even if they may not be able to support their families. What would you do if the President told you that? It’s like emotional blackmail but there is a signature somewhere so you are somehow liable. My mother told me never to study on an empty stomach. I assume doctors working on empty stomachs can have catastrophic consequences. Still, many people support them and are in awe of how the government is reacting towards them.

Even with the support it is still difficult to stomach their striking being justified. I mean, there are so many other people with problems but it’s really the patients that take the hit. They are already back to work but I cannot tell you how bad it is when doctors are on strike in a country such as this one. It’s not enough to only hope you do not have a loved one ill when the doctors are on strike. We cannot keep waiting for strikes to happen. So we should keep shouting, eventually less naps will be necessary to reflect on these problems. So this is me, shouting. Government!! Treat doctors better!! Don’t you want more people to aspire to become doctors?? Don’t you?? And I suggest you replace those comfy seats in parliament with benches!! There, all in a day’s work.

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  1. Cayman Thorn says:

    I agree, that guy in the pic looks mighty reflective….if “reflective” is defined as reading the inside of your eyelids, yeah. Maybe he just had a heaping helping of peanuts and is sleeping it off?
    Seriously, this post is a great example for all. You should be in Parliament, and I mean that as a compliment, not an insult.

    • foreigninput says:

      Peanuts? I was thinking more along the lines of half a goat and a pint of beer..that’s enough to knock anyone out…Me in Parliament? Very nice of you to know, maybe one day who knows? Still on the whole ‘the world is my oyster’ thing…if I do end up there you will be the first to know! Thanks!!

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