Like the next guy..or girl I have also made some Tyler Perry jokes. But I think we should cut a brother some slack. Ever think about how many of the characters in his productions you would actually see somewhere else? No, you would never see most of them anywhere else. And it might not be for lack of talent. I mean, the industry is what it is. When people cast they look for certain people and most of the people cast by Tyler Perry finally get a start. That’s what most of us need in any dwindling economy. He has provided employment people! I think that’s a very good thing. There are more reasons why we should give the guy a break.

  • He always puts children in their place. No ‘I hate you!’ ‘You suck!’ ‘You ruined my life!’ get past Madea. In many other films kids just get grounded.
  • Madea is always packing. Nothing funny like an old woman with a few guns in her purse. Am I right or am I right?
  • He tells a different story. Not all the time but it usually has a different flavour from the stories we are used to. Come on, I am sure some people appreciate the drama in African-American families. Apparently, Morgan Freeman does not like this term. Touchy touchy! So..dynamics of an american family..that um..yeah I’ll stick to just american. Slim chance he will ever read this but hey, I am sensitive to such matters too. Well, I try to be.
  • He is never shy to put across his Christian beliefs. I find that very inspiring. He really doesn’t care If the whole Jesus thing will affect his sales. The industry makes enough movies to make people scared of Muslims so I think the happy endings give it all a very positive tone. Drug addict gets clean, mean husband changes his ways. Somebody say Halleluj’er’!
  • He makes sure we get some eye candy. Mh! Some mighty fine American brothers in his movies.You know, like the Criminal Minds guy? Not Reid (even though he’s my favourite), the really hot one. 

So why are we so hard on him? Maybe he gets so much criticism because he is paving the way for other americans from the hood…I think it’s easier saying African-American so I am very sorry Mr. Morgan Freeman. Really really sorry. He is also very influential. If there were 10 Tyler Perrys then maybe the jokes would be shared around. Besides, I can easily name more than 10 crappy movies that were shown in the cinema that were not made by Tyler Perry. The Smurfs, Twilight 1,2 and 3, One Day, Conan the Barbarian, Cowboys and Aliens, The Change Up (total rip off, I remember watching a similar movie when I was 10), Jack and Jill and Red Riding Hood. So come on people! Let’s show Tyler Perry a little more love and a little less misery. Besides, everyone knows his plays are better (I am part of ‘everyone’ or maybe all of ‘everyone’)!! Hellerrrr!! If you didn’t watch that South Park episode then the link below might help with the inside joke.

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