Oh where do I even begin? My name is Salome and I watch Eastenders without shame. I hate myself for doing it but I really cannot stop. Even when I say ‘I’ve had enough of this!’ I keep going back for more. Why? I don’t know. The script is horrible, usually very predictable and never gets any better. The only thing that changes are probably the characters…some die, some leave and some just get older. Its like ‘Days of Our Lives’ all over again but I got over that ages ago (thank goodness). Sad moments make me laugh and happy moments make me want to cry. Like that often happens, it should just be called ‘Misery’. Why? How can everyone be happy when there always someone having a sordid affair..a teenager hungry for attention so they go off and murder someone…the ‘who’s the daddy’ moments..baby snatching..the list goes on and on and on. And for those going ‘spoiler alert’ in their heads, believe me, I am not spoiling anything for you. If you think I’m wrong, try watching 10 minutes of it and tell me whether or not you felt good about yourself for doing it (you only feel a bit suicidal after watching a whole week’s worth and then you strangely keep going. Or that’s just me).

Now for instance Mrs. Moon is having an affair with someone from the pub’s football team (wahey!). And lucky for us, the writers decided that they will keep us hanging by making her kind of flirt with many of them. And they make her stare..for longer than necessary at some of them too. So we still don’t know. For now she is constantly texting and we have a shadow! Someone save me because clearly I have failed. I should not be watching this stuff at all. I should be watching world-changing important stuff. But you know what, maybe this is my ‘The Kardashians’ or ‘xoxo’..wait..I think it’s called ‘Gossip Girl’. Maybe that’s it. Maybe those shows are actually better (scary thought but they’re huge making the possibility quite high).

Maybe its in all of us to have something horrible we often like to watch. At least that’s what I’d like to believe so that I don’t feel like a weirdo but I could always be wrong. Still, because sometimes talking about financial crises is a mood changer in the social scene, I might bump into another person who watches Eastenders and wants to have a secret conversation about all the miserable things that might happen. Either that or the Olympics..happy days indeed. Made this entry just after watching an episode today. It was horrible, can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. Here’s to the best British soap three years in a row! No..no..don’t raise your glass. Instead, find me some help please. Thank you.

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