Look at that photo up there…notice the coffee? Then look again. Great coffee ad right? Really focuses on My all time favourites, the ‘seductive server’ ads. Seduction and coffee seems like an odd combination but I’m sure someone probably said the same thing about chocolate once. They tell me exactly how I like my coffee, with a pair of shoes. I’m not even joking, check it out for yourself here. It’s like a crazy grown Mr. Men collection and instead of teaching me to be happy or less grumpy and less greedy, they are like a wonderful yoga session, destined to calm me, with a lovely man and a pair of shoes. Oh! and some coffee!

Advertising must be a complex science because most times I don’t get what’s going on. I was on the subway and an ad read ‘shaved or not shaved, you can get an upgrade!’ and ‘even if you are living with your mum, you can get an upgrade!’. I for one have never been asked how often I wax my legs to get an upgrade. I suppose its supposed to be funny, I just think its weird. Yup, I said it, and If you worked hard on that campaign then my sincere apologies for not getting it. And there are the fabric softener ads that feature romantic dinners with handsome men. What does that have to do with fabric softener? Can anyone please tell me when was the last time they were on a date and someone told them ‘oooh, your t-shirt is just soo soo soft’ (run!).

My sincere appreciation for the person behind shooting the ever so annoying ‘go compare’ guy. See that ad is awesome, you’re happy he finally doesn’t sing for a whole minute and remember you are supposed to…to…compare stuff. I ask all the brains behind these ideas to try to keep it simple. The puppy mini movies for toilet rolls, the strange Zorro guy for kitchen rolls and the masses of people overjoyed about playing bingo (it cannot possibly be that exciting). I am quite used to the lynx ads because they’re kinda funny. Besides, I like the idea of men swarming around me after a dash of deo. It never worked for Howard Wolowitz and the guy who tried to sue lynx (hahaha) but it shows the ads work. Come on, we have not become a society relying on products to attract the opposite species (oops).

I think its best to stick to the product and maybe I might remember what new coffee to get instead of how lovely all the lads looked in the ads. But hey, I never did advertising so what do I know? Maybe looking at different stuff will help me remember what the product was. One thing I do know though, if they keep shooting the ‘go compare’ guy and perhaps finish the job I might actually visit the ‘go compare’ website.

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