If you ever watched ‘The Incredibles’ you would know how Mr. Incredible hated being ‘normal’ (being a super hero and all). Hated doing the same thing everyday, home then work then get a whole load of grief from his boss then back home again. Like many of us, at some point life becomes very monotonous. A friend of mine referred to it as the zombie apocalypse because you do something so much you don’t realise you’re doing it so effortlessly and naturally any more.

So today I was on the treadmill and thought, hey, I’m tired of doing this and I want to try something new. Running in front of a mirror doesn’t really count as new now does it? It’s just an easier way of looking at myself and going ‘come on you slow thing, pick up your pace!’ Better than thinking how vain I can be. Oh yes, I look great running! Great form! Kidding, purely for motivational purposes. My options were either ‘super circuits’ or ‘outside fitness’. The super circuits class looked like something you did before joining the military so no thank you. I mean, I think I’m fit but there is no reason to prove to a lot of people how easily I can collapse. So I went to outside fitness, I mean how hard could it be? I kept thinking I’d finally be part of a group of people casually jogging through Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow.!

First of all, all the participants looked like racing pros. They were fit and I mean really fit. I kept telling myself that they were all much older hence keeping up really would not be a problem. The wise voice in my head told me to just get my stuff and run out of there but the other voice (of optimism? still figuring that out) told me that I am no quitter and its good to push myself. The instructor asked me if I was okay to run and I said yes, in the best shape ever. So off we went and I was feeling really good about myself until five minutes into it. I have never felt my heart beat so vigorously I thought it was going to jump out of my chest and do the hokey pokey. Lucky for me we were doing a lot of speed training (joy!). My body did not feel like it was mine, I felt like my system was shutting down with every difficult breath I was taking. And the stairs, oh there were many stairs! I honestly just wanted to make it  back alive.

Halfway through I was about to give up and they were all very encouraging. Apparently it gets better. So I pushed on. I was far from ‘keeping up’ at that point and just did a strange ‘walk for 10 seconds then run’ routine for the remaining 15 minutes or so. Contrary to what my body was telling me, I felt fine, no I actually felt great. After heavily embarrassing myself, I did it all..I fell, I fell behind, the odd two or three dizzy spells. And the pain, I can imagine myself struggling up and down the stairs tomorrow.

After all that I reflected on my ‘try something new’ moment. So, same time next week? You bet! Besides, I quite fancy being a super runner too (a girl has to hope). So go on, break the monotony and do something new. Even if it’s a little painful, it can also be incredibly satisfying. Mr. Incredible went back to being a super hero and him, his family and the US of A lived happily ever after.

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