Now don’t those fine gentlemen look nice. That is the fine work of an upcoming designer in East Africa, Eskado Bird. Now I did not just post this so that you can appreciate the fine details on the trousers (of course it’s about the clothes. They’re great by the way so feel free to check them out). Lately I started thinking of the many demands of an average african man. And I really stress on the word average. I am unsure whether or not they are unrealistic expectations but I will let you make that conclusion yourself.

In Tanzania (it’s difficult to speak for the entire African continent) many men place certain expectations on a woman that they think is worthy of their pursuit. I say pursuit but I sometimes do not know what that is anymore. So what is required of a Tanzanian woman? You have to be beautiful (it of course is subjective and things like that) and you have to be smart. You have to be able to cook, clean and keep a home. I think that is reasonable but this is where it starts to get a little crazy. You are to maintain your hotness factor regardless whether or not your partner ‘lets go’. That is a woman’s job. If you are lucky you will not have to be under the pressure of going through one weave after another, a gym membership you might not fully take advantage of, a hopeless diet and a lot of other things to keep you looking all pretty. I have no problem with all of this if it is indeed your choice but when a man says something like ‘long hair is more appealing’ or ‘why don’t you get a weave in’ it gets personal. I have a few comments, ‘I like six packs’ and ‘I think smart men are very appealing.’

It’s time for women to make their list of demands. I mean, I would not mind having a fine gentleman that looks like one of the guys in that beautiful photograph above. But, maybe because an average man can have more substance I can live without the six packs.  However, if these demands are placed on my head in the recruitment stage, its only fair if I get the six packs before we are together. That way if you are with me not only because of my charm but my ‘good looks’ and ‘long 100% brazilian hair’, I am with you because of your personality and your six packs. Women should be allowed to gain a bit of weight or have their natural hair out without their partners pressuring them. I always say only if you are hotter than the sun can such pressure maybe be justified. But in most cases it is very unnecessary pressure and we respond to it because it is expected of us to do so, you know, to keep our man. If you don’t think it’s pressure at all then good for you. I like the whole ‘it’s what’s on the inside that counts’ idea but growing up you realise that it sometimes  comes to play in a later stage of a ‘pursuit’.

Now my favourite part, its 2012 and I have a lady code I am supposed to keep. When I say things like ‘when i get married, I will have drinks with my friends from time to time’ I get things like ‘a wife cannot be seen at a bar/lounge, it’s just not proper.’ I think some people should just take a chill pill and get over the fact that it’s okay to have a drink from time to time in public. If an older generation found that crazy is it a crazier idea to change our perception just a little? The pretence of it all is truly annoying. So men can go out and drink with their buddies but the women are supposed to stay at home. So who will order all the girly cocktails then? Not that surviving me is not enough pressure but surviving expectations is a totally different ball game. You can argue that its optional and you can decide not to be affected by all these issues but who are we kidding? When one is in a certain environment you are bound to be affected by it all. If you won’t be then there will be people who will tell you that you should be. I should mention however that there are lovely men who give their ladies the liberty of having a good time and appreciate a woman for who she is and what she can become.

I have no clue considering these general expectations if I make the cut considering I have excluded so many other requirements. But judging from my own list, very few people stand a chance as well. I think that’s fairly reasonable, at least in my books. *Sigh* those guys are dreamy though aren’t they? Aren’t they? Lovely trousers, that’s what I meant.

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