About the books we should not read or maybe we can call them books we should be ashamed of reading but do so and like it. More like the movies and TV shows we should shun from the society but really love. But that’s a ranting topic for another day. I recently saw a couple of Facebook statuses that read ’50 shades of grey is AMAZING’ and ’50 shades of grey is for the ordinary woman who loves a bit a steam, cannot stop reading it!’ And that’s the problem isn’t it? That it’s actually crap but you can’t help yourself. I tried saving people from the horrors of reading a bad book once but it never worked. This is because lines like ‘never judge a book by its cover’ would be thrown at me. And I’m sure OJ Simpson is a really nice man and there is more to George Bush than meets the eye. Right, but let me bite only for a moment. I cannot deny that I have been there before. I probably read one too many editions of Mills and Boon before running the other direction. It maybe has something to do with what we like. I love a giggle here and a giggle there so anything by Charlie Brooker works for me. And sometimes, the whole James Bond action hubbub gets my blood flowing. So it is not in my place to speak ill of the bad books fans. If they love the material behind these so-called amazing books and whether or not the characters are human or not is definitely none of my business. And that is why I would love to thank the twilight woman.

Thank you for inspiring tweens to read all of your books with so much enthusiasm and in some cases loyalty. Some people defend your work with so much passion it is difficult to fathom why. Why someone in their right mind would want to read more than one book on a confused girl and a vampire werewolf enmity is beyond me. Let me say that I have indeed oversimplified the plot. In the other books I believe that there are indeed a lot more other vampires and werewolves in the picture. It’s the ‘in-laws don’t approve’ sort of thing (I could be wrong). But I have to give you credit for excluding garlic, holy water and crosses.  Oh how we have grown so weary of all that. Instead we have a beautiful story of…no, I couldn’t do it. Instead we have a lot of confusion which thankfully ends (or so I hope). But still I thank you, more tweens now visit book stores in search of other books. Considering not so many adults have the time to read, you have brought promise to the future generation.

Twilight should not be a book that anyone should be proud to have read. But, congratulations for taking the time and showing some effort away from the madness of the daily schedule. I could spend all day talking of other books no one should be allowed to read but Google can do that. I will do better and say bad books are not the problem, the ratings insanity is. Oprah says a book is great and we all read it (not ‘all’ of us surely but a reasonable number of people). This burden we have put on other people to read books is really scary. I cannot say whether or not they actually read all the books they comment on but the reflex of turning a book and reading whether the Daily Mail or the Independent have given it five stars worries me. I don’t worry for other people but myself. It seems very difficult to trust this author and his summary of the plot that the book is good but rather rely on some stranger somewhere who has already flipped through all the pages. I think this has robbed many of us the delight of reading so many wonderful books that did not manage to get any of these special people to read them and give them a ‘wonderful!’ or ‘excellent read!’.

So, what is the solution? Stay away from the twilight books (harsh I know but I would rather warn you now than have you find out for yourself how horrible they are). But apparently we all love a bit of mental torture and pain so that we have something to moan about. Besides, sometimes even an honest rating does not keep one away from doing something. And maybe we need bad books to help us appreciate good books. So thank you Twilight woman for helping us spot the thumbs down from the thumbs up in the bunch. Of course I say this with the absolute optimism that tweens and maybe adults do not forever lie in your trap.

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