So being a recent graduate and everything, most of my friends have gone out into the world and are now part of the working class. This is something we were all dreaming of. Waking up in the morning, putting on a suit, getting that coffee to go and walking into a big shiny building where your territory lies for the next eight hours or so. Unfortunately it is insanely bizarre to me how all of a sudden there is no time to do anything. Never mind effectively utilising our time in university to do all the things we could be good at. I am under the impression now that once you start working all your child given talents are doomed. Forget that contemporary dance class after work, there is only enough time to get home, do the necessary and collapse.

I am not the gullible type, or so I hope. Long time ago I refused for Hollywood to lure me with the idea that work is fun. It can be but I suppose it is something that kind of has to be done. What Hollywood should do is perhaps make an apocalypse film that has nothing to do with aliens or global warming but work, and how it can kill the very roots of your soul. How it will turn you into a drone that does things without thinking because you do them so often. And how there is absolutely no hope, how dare you want to disturb the balance in the universe by I don’t know, reading a book? Don’t even get me started about going to the gym, that’s a huge no-no unless you know, you don’t have better things to do like a real job.

I am not sure if we are indeed the whiny generation my mother constantly refers to. It really does not seem like rocket science. If you really want to do anything, then just do it. We all cling to the ‘no time’ excuse. Surely it only gets a lot more difficult when you decide to get a pet or have children. I have no idea where the time will come from then if we do not have any time now. It’s funny how much time people have to update their Facebook statuses or their twitter feeds but absolutely no time to stop and smell the roses. Ok, I joke but you get what I mean. We shouldn’t turn into whiny fuddy-duddies just because we are too lazy to set time aside to do some of the wonderful things we want to do. Okay I take that back, replace ‘lazy’ with ‘tired’, better? But that remains my opinion, I honestly don’t mind people deciding to be fuddy-duddies, only if it’s at their discretion. The Glasgow Jazz festival is coming up and I was hoping to finally have that one saxophone lesson that might encourage me to be the next Charlie Parker. But if we are all indeed in that horrible Justin Timberlake movie where only rich people can afford more time, that dream is as good as dead.

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